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About Us

LEVOTECH is a company owned and operated by experienced professionals. LEVOTECH has intense experience in Consultancy Services. LEVOTECH provides end to end recruitment services to various industries, MNC’s, Limited/Private Limited companies, firms etc. for their IT & Non IT Functions.

Using the small business steps, LEVOTECH believes that it is the level of quality, supervision and communication with our customers which differentiates us from other companies. Employee retention is maintained by voice of customer (internal) and also offering other benefits like extended medical plan and other perk. LEVOTECH has a quality control program in place to monitor the operation regularly, schedule inspection for any alarming stages. Which helps the process runs effectively and smoothly.

The Company have an ambition plans to expand their client base and to this end they are in process of investing considerable in manpower and infrastructure.


Our most important responsibility is to serve our clients. We are innovative, flexible and focused to respond proactively to opportunities and challenges in the environment by adding value and meeting our client’s needs.

We make every effort to meet the quality expectations. We accept to do only the right thing in the right way.

Our Strength

We consider service as a true partnership. Clearly define expectations and work towards achieving it with clear-cut targets and sub-targets. Understand the Goals and Targets.

We believe that our basic values, attitude, philosophy and style combine to deliver high quality services to help our customers meet their goals. We consciously nurture our corporate culture to develop the following fundamental qualities.

Our Philosophy

Service with Satisfaction

Considering how important superior customer service is to the success of business today, it is amazing how little attention companies devote to it. Today's business requires service solutions with high standards of responsiveness, accuracy, availability and quality. These superior solutions also need be cost effective due to the increasing investor focus on cost containment and profitability.

In LEVOTECH, our endeavor is to establish transparent and long-term relationship with our Clients. We believe every process holds the key to improving organizational efficiencies. We are focused at enhancing the effectiveness of our clients’ business processes while at the same time achieving economies of scale. We innovate to get our clients empowered, we create value so our client profit from it. Our services and solutions go beyond being just a service provider. Our evident knowledge, expertise and sheer devotion to work make our client's turn to us again and again for assistance.

Our Team:

Our People are open, fair and uncompromising in their efforts to ensure external as well as internal customer satisfaction. We lay special emphasis on integrity because of the trust they our clients place upon us.

Ethics, values, reputation are vital to our philosophy. Our aim is to be globally respected as a Service Management Company that is truly viewed as a strategic extension of our client’s capacity. We recognized people as our core strength and lay special emphasis on hiring and retaining the people.

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